Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Have you ever wondered how much food we waste and how many people die each year from hunger?

We waste 230 tons world wide each year ! 

 What made me notice how much food we waste was when we were in the grocery store and I saw 2 carts full of bread that they were going to throw out. Next time you are shopping please take a look at the amount of full grocery carts full of food getting ready to get thrown in the dumpster.  

Thousands of pounds of food every day go to waste even if its sill good to eat. Especially fruit and vegetables, like potatoes if they are the wrong shape or size they get thrown out. I think we should give food to the hungry because its very un-fair that we eat as much as we want and then throw the rest away without noticing that there are starving people wondering if there ever going to eat.

Please take a moment to view this video. What can we do to get the food from carts headed to the dumpster into hungry bellies?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What are microbeads?

           Did you know that the microbeads in your facial scrub are helping to ruin our ocean?

 Microbeads are little particles of plastic that can be found in face scrubs, toothpaste and body wash. The problem is the microbeads do not get caught in the filters and end up in the ocean and lakes. Microbeads attract pollutants that are harmful to the fish and other animals that eat these microbeads. When little fish eat the microbeads the pollutants go through their tissue and then when a tuna eats the smaller fish they now have those same chemicals in their bodies. 

How healthy is the tuna you are eating? Or any other type of sea food? 

Could eating harmful pollutants be causing problems like cancer or autism? Microbeads attract pollutants like PCB's, DDT, and pesticides. 

 If you want to know if you want know if you're there are microbeads in what you are buying look on the ingredients you will see polyethylene or polypropylene.  These are microbeads!


*this post was inspired by a school project Emma is doing at Innovations Academy a project based Charter School located in San Diego.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fun House

Something I like about my grandma and grandpa's house is the wild life because when you walk out side you hear birds and frogs.You might see Falcons, crows, lizard, rabbits,and coyotes. Almost every sunset at least a hundred crows fly over the their house. Once it gets dark the frogs and coyotes come out, if you take a moment and listen you will hear them and sometimes see them. My grandma has a fountain and around the summer you will see little tadpoles swimming around until they are frogs. It's great that the mountains have so many animals.

Another thing I like about my grandma's and grandpa's house is the orange trees there. We each have our own orange tree. Its like a fort because we got clippers to cut some leaves out. Every summer its orange season so we are usually picking oranges, making decorations out of oranges and making scented candles. Sometimes we take the oranges and make juice out of them. Our oranges are usually sweet and juicy. I really like my orange tree!

          This is the fountain at Grandma and Grandpa's. 

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Look At This View!

             My favorite part about grandma and grandpa's house is the view because I can see the Wild Animal Park and lots of cars. The reason I like seeing the cars is because their house is on top of a hill and I feel like a giant looking down on them. I like to see the Wild Animal Park from up on a hill because grandma and grandpa have a telescope and I like to look through it and find giraffes, elephants, and baby elephants. It is so amazing looking at the animals! Another reason is that when I look though grandma and grandpas windows I can see all the hills in the background of the Wild Animal Park.

The view from Grandma and Grandpa's house

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sailing San Diego by Jess

This last weekend we went sailing. It takes a long time to put your crew to work! My dad has to get the sails ready. My mom has to get the inside of the boat ready. This means she has to secure anything that could fall down while sailing. Emma and I have to secure all the doors so they don't slam as we sail. Emma and I also take down all the window covers so that we can see while sailing. Once we get going my job is pull up the fenders from the side of the boat and put away the dock lines. Everyone has jobs on a sail boat.

 All of us get excited to sail expect our cat Murphy. It's hard when your cat gets sea sick when we go sailing. I hope Murphy won't get  sea sick once we get going.

When you're trying to get your boat ready for what were doing, its a never ending list of boat projects. We  put a new fan and new lights in my parents room.  So what we did was put sticky notes of what we need to do and when we do it we throw away that sticky note. Its hard work to live on a boat but you get used to it.


Here are some pictures I have taken, tell me what you think. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

First Experience on a Boat by: Emma

            Since I have been living on a boat it has been really interesting for me. I've been learning new things about the boat. From my experience I  love the boat and sailing has been the most fun part of my life on the boat. I really miss my dogs their names are Hula and Harrison. I also miss the cat we had to re-home his name is Dexter. We moved onto the boat with another cat, his name is Murphy. Murphy is my favorite animal I am so happy that he's going on this trip with us. 

This is me and Murphy

THE BOAT by Jess

I have to admit it I was scared at first when I found out that we were moving on a boat to sail . It was hard moving into a rental house and re-homing a cat and 2 dogs. At least I have a cat Murphy. Its different living in a 45 foot boat because you have the pump toilets, a table that folds out, hatches and don't forget rooms that are sizes of closets. Its not that I hate these things I am just trying to get used to them. I loved this summer I learned how to surf at La Jolla surprisingly I stood up on my first try. We went to Balboa Park on Tuesdays because there museums  are free we went to about 7 museums my favorite museum was the museum of man.I have had a great summer and I know this trip will be a great experience.