Monday, October 13, 2014

First Experience on a Boat by: Emma

            Since I have been living on a boat it has been really interesting for me. I've been learning new things about the boat. From my experience I  love the boat and sailing has been the most fun part of my life on the boat. I really miss my dogs their names are Hula and Harrison. I also miss the cat we had to re-home his name is Dexter. We moved onto the boat with another cat, his name is Murphy. Murphy is my favorite animal I am so happy that he's going on this trip with us. 

This is me and Murphy

THE BOAT by Jess

I have to admit it I was scared at first when I found out that we were moving on a boat to sail . It was hard moving into a rental house and re-homing a cat and 2 dogs. At least I have a cat Murphy. Its different living in a 45 foot boat because you have the pump toilets, a table that folds out, hatches and don't forget rooms that are sizes of closets. Its not that I hate these things I am just trying to get used to them. I loved this summer I learned how to surf at La Jolla surprisingly I stood up on my first try. We went to Balboa Park on Tuesdays because there museums  are free we went to about 7 museums my favorite museum was the museum of man.I have had a great summer and I know this trip will be a great experience.