About us

We are sisters Jessica and Emma. Since day 1 we've been best friends. Our parents have always had a passion for adventure and because of their passion we have traveled to awesome places, seen beautiful sights and made wonderful memories. Together we look forward to sailing through various countries, experiencing new cultures, trying new food and enjoying quality family time aboard our home SV Terrapin.

Happiest place on Earth

Riding horses in Mexico

Carlsbad, CA

How we live, always on the go and finding sleep when we can

          Bahamas...we can't wait to go back
Waiting on Santa with homemade cookies

Just laying around looking cute

We've been known to kick a little butt
Don't mess with my sister

Hitting the slopes
Sequoia National Park
Charleston, South Carolina


  1. This is a test post. We keep trying to comment...

  2. Hi my name is Sarah i'm 10.
    We are getting ready to go cruising.Your blog was really inspiring and I hope I can start my own blog sometime.
    I am amazed at all of the cultures and museums around the world and I'm excited to explore all of them.
    Cruising is also a great way to learn about the boat and sailing.
    Your blog was awesome.

  3. I LOVE your blog and will be sharing it with my kids to help them prepare for our adventures!