Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What keeps us busy.... Legos to moustaches and more

When were not pretending to be filming Titanic at anchor here are some of our favorite things onboard to keep us busy.  We have an enormous amount of space to keep our toys... Thankfully

On an easy passage we love playing with Legos.  We can build anything out of our Legos.  We don't recommend keeping them in a popcorn tin as it's getting rusty. 

Whatever you do, don't leave the dock without stick-on moustaches! Easy to pack and loads of fun. We went over to Sv Makai wearing them for fun. 

Who doesn't love a moustache?

Do you know how fast you were going, meow ?

We have 10-11 Barbie dolls. 3 boy dolls and 8 girls. We also have Barbie's golfcart and her convertible Mini... She really does have everything!!!
Raven is a horrible driver!!!!!
We also love our Monster High dolls

In Cabo we convinced our parents to buy good quality float rings...they're awesome. In Jaltemba we used them to sit and watch an up close and personal dolphin show.  The dolphins swam right up to us and started doing flips

We LOVE our kayaks

It's easy to pack fun Chinese paper lanterns.  Buy them off Amazon, they lay flat and can store under mattresses. Be sure to get the kind with bamboo sticks and not metal frames.... You don't want to create waste in the Ocean!

On a smooth passage we like to create collages using old magazines, scissors and glue sticks

Don't forget cute sun protective shirts!

We love boat slumber parties! We enjoyed hanging out with Sophie from Sv Stochastic in Banderas Bay

We know just enough Spanish to bargain while shopping. We are learning Spanish as we go. 

We both LOVE to fish! Our dad bought us poles and lots of lures.  Unfortunately Puffer and Trigger fish love to nibble our lures... We had to buy more. 

In Turtle Bay our dad bought us about 12 "squiggly" lures. We loved them so much we named them:

Disco, Boogar, Pixle, Mr and Mrs Squiggly, Cool Jazz, Big girl, Baby, Granny, Watermelon, Shimmer, Floppy and Sky. Because most of the "squiggly" lures got torn apart we just bought 4 new metal ones. 

The metal lures have been named: Sunhine, Strike, Ocean and Zebra.  Yes, we're little girls who name our fishing lures!

Don't forget to pack snorkel gear.  We can carry on full conversations underwater while speaking through our snorkels. 

We have tons of books on board, Mad Libs, playing cards, board games, musical instruments, hot wheels, dress up costumes, art supplies, stuffed animals and a HuGE box of Littlest Pet Shops (71 animals to be exact)

Anytime you see us at anchor come play... We have more than enough to share!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Turning bread into science

Sometimes my mom makes loaves of bread on the boat. One time the yeast was dead and she made a loaf of bread anyways. After she was done baking and the bread didn't turn out, my dad asked if he could use the bread as bait.  With his fishing line and moms bread he was able to catch a really small fish. We used the fish to learn about science. 

First my dad had us sketch the fish.

He pointed out the different parts of the fish.

Then my dad cut open the fish so we could see the inside

We took out the gallbladder, intestines, liver, heart, and eyeball. 

Emma and I were able to look at the different parts of the fish under our microscope.

I thought seeing all the different parts of a fish was educational and cool. Science on the boat is fun, especially when my dad is a scientist. i love homeschool!!!!!