Sunday, April 5, 2015

Turning bread into science

Sometimes my mom makes loaves of bread on the boat. One time the yeast was dead and she made a loaf of bread anyways. After she was done baking and the bread didn't turn out, my dad asked if he could use the bread as bait.  With his fishing line and moms bread he was able to catch a really small fish. We used the fish to learn about science. 

First my dad had us sketch the fish.

He pointed out the different parts of the fish.

Then my dad cut open the fish so we could see the inside

We took out the gallbladder, intestines, liver, heart, and eyeball. 

Emma and I were able to look at the different parts of the fish under our microscope.

I thought seeing all the different parts of a fish was educational and cool. Science on the boat is fun, especially when my dad is a scientist. i love homeschool!!!!! 

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