Thursday, September 17, 2015

home schooling vs regular school by Emma

Home Schooling vs Regular School 

I like home schooling better than regular school because you can go your own speed on any subject.  Like math I could go faster on math and slower on language arts.
Some days, Jessica and I don't want to do school

You can get more school done with less hours and more time to hang out with your family.  It takes about three to four hours a day with math, langue arts, sciences or history.

You get to interact with your parents more often because your parents are your teachers.  It includes more family time.  If you were at your regular school you would not see your parents every day as your teacher.

More family time!!

The only thing that I like about regular school is that I could hang out with my two best friends Kaylan an Adriana.  I still hang out with kids but not my best friends.

P.S. Kaylan is going to Spain and starting her own adventure. I hope to go to Spain and spend time with her.