Thursday, August 13, 2015

What I miss about cruising ------ JESSICA

I love cruising and I would like to share what I miss about it.

 I miss seeing a wide variety of places from tropical lush green jungles to a hot dry Sonoran desert.

 Cruising on a boat means wondering what the next place will look like.
Another thing is not being able to snorkel, its nice to see a new species of fish.

While mom, Emma and I snorkel dad spearfishes which means we have dinner!

 I really miss seeing all of the beautiful sunsets, every sunset is unique in its own different way. I think a sunset is a good way to end the day.

I miss being able to go to the beach when ever we want, its nice because it only takes 2 minutes. I enjoy being able to sit at the beach and look at my home Terrapin!

I miss hiking because it is good exercise and once you get to the top it is a great view

I am looking forward to getting back on the boat in October and getting back to the life I love!

My favorite things about San Miguel de Allende---Emma

My favorite things about San Miguel de Allende

            One of my favorite things is all the churches because I like the way they look and the design is really artistic. Like the one in San Miguel de Allende is my favorite church of all the other churches I've seen.  

Another reason I like San Miguel de Allende, is it is really different from the U.S.A because they have different rules of doing things in Mexico.  Like you can ride in a back of anyone's truck here in Mexico, try that in the USA!!

The one thing that I'm really surprised by, is how green Mexico is. It's not all desert.

 My last reason is that the food is delicious, it is nothing like the U.S.A food.  What I love about it is when you go to fondas (They are little small restaurants that have one or two cooks a  really small kitchen with lots of pots and pans and three tables. ) they serve you fresh or home made dishes.