Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My favorite place so far

I've been sailing with my family for almost five months and trust me I've seen some breath taking places. All the places I've seen are very unique from each other.

My favorite place so far is Isla Coronados and I will give you three reasons why.

1. I loved the hike there because you could see the mainland, other islands and all around the island from the top. You could see all the different shades of the turquoise water, it was beautiful! 

2. I was amazed by how many manta rays there where swimming under our boat. They would jump two feet out of the water and do summer salts or belly flops. 

3. Fishing is amazing there because i caught about six trigger fish and one snapper. That made some yummy fish tacos that night!   I love the Sea of Cortez , it very beautiful. I never expected the water to be so clear and the fish to be so colorful. I love the Sea of Cortez !!!!!!!

The Sea of Cortez is full of fish and there are more fish when the water is warm. When I fish I use metal lures instead of rubber ones because the rubber ones will not last as long. I enjoy fishing but its tough to watch my dad filet them. As a animal lover I hate to see my dad filet the fish, but they sure do taste good! 

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